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Who does she think was the better team?
a) England
b) Portugal
c) Neither
What game(s) does she talk about?
a) England-Greece
b) England-Portugal
c) England-France
What was "terrible"?
a) The disallowed goal
b) Beckham's missed try
c) The fans in the stadium
Who does she think is going to win the final?
a) Portugal
b) Greece
c) She is not sure
Why is she not going to watch the final match?
a) She has to work
b) She only watches England play
c) It is on too early in the morning
Hey, Lois, so what do you think about the World, not the World Cup, the Euro Cup so far?
So far it's been an interesting tournament. I didn't expect to see Greece and Portugal make
it to the final. I was a little bid disappointed with England's performance, but I think they
were beaten by a better team.
Yeah, really, you think so!
I think on the day Portugal probably played better than we did and even though we were unlucky
because we had a goal disallowed in the last minute, but yeah, at the end of the day, I think
at the end of the day, they probably deserved to win.
Mm, so what happened in the match?
So I think if I remember correctly, the match was 2 all, but I can't remember exactly now.
No, 1-all because at the last minute England scored to make it 2-1, but that goal was disallowed
so then it went to extra time and then I think Portugal scored first, then England scored
again to make it 2-all and then it went to penalties, and David Beckham missed, uh a terrible
terrible goal, missed a penalty, and then I think Portugal missed one and then England missed
again and then Portugal's goalkeeper scored and then it was all over.
Ah, well, maybe next time.
Maybe, maybe World Cup in Germany in 2006.
So who do you think is going to win it all?
So in the first match, it was Portugal against Greece and Greece won 2-1, so although
Greece are the underdogs, I think maybe they can win, but it is in Portugal, so maybe
Portugal will win with the home crowd.
Are you going to watch it?
I would love to watch it, but in Japan it's on at 3:45 in the morning, and so I don't think
I'm going to miss my sleep to watch it.
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