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How many people live in Dublin?
a) 1 million
b) 2 million
c) 3 million
How does she describe the popluation?
a) Young
b) Old
c) Mixed
What kind of food can you get in Dublin?
a) No international cuisine. Just Irish
b) Some international cuisine
c) Lots of international cuisine
What cities do they compare Dublin to?
a) London / Paris
b) Paris / New York
c) New York / London
How do they describe Dublin?
a) Quiet
b) Cheap
c) Expensive


So you lived in Dublin for awhile, didn't you Mauve? What's life like in Dublin?
Um, I think life in Dublin is very different from everywhere else in the
country. It's the biggest city in Ireland. It's got a population of about
a million I think, even though the population of Ireland is only 4 million,
so most people...
So it's a quarter of the whole population
Exactly. It's a very young population, I think, the Dublin population, I suppose like all
cities there's plenty to do, in terms of cinemas, theatres, I don't know, you
know whatever else, comedy club and all that kind of, plenty of night clubs,
loads of restaurants. (Yeah) It's very international now, at the moment I suppose, like there's
Japanese restaurants, and well there's always Indian and Chinese, and there's like, I
don't know, French and Spanish, and every type of restaurant.
So it's kind of a cosmopolitan city. (Yeah, exactly) 0r big by Irish standards, I suppose.
Yeah, it's probably like a village for other people.

I know. Even though when I went to New York then, in June, it wasn't such a culture shock, cause
even though, there are high rise buildings and every thing (Yeah) but it wasn't that different
though. (Yeah) You know, I think that Dublin has come on a lot and it's by no means rural anymore,
you know, in comparison to other cities in Ireland, like Cork and Gaul, we're very rural, but,
I don't think Dublin is.
Yeah, I think Dublin is like an international city, and it can stand on it's own.
Definitely, yeah, you can compare to London or, you know, New York.
And the standard of, like the cost of living, is very high in Dublin, though, isn't it.
Yeah, it is. Rents are much higher there. It's more expensive to eat out and I suppose to
do everything really. You need a good salary to live in Dublin I think.
Yeah, yeah!
Big bucks!

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