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How does she describe New York?
a) Awesome
b) Cool
c) Wonderful
What did she see?
a) A concert
b) An opera
c) a Broadway show
What was it called?
a) Good Life
b) New York, New York
c) Wonderful Town
Which city is easy for tourists to get around ?
a) New York
b) Dublin
c) Neither
What was her favorite part of New York?
a) Chinatown
b) Central Park
c) Broadway
Yeah! So you said you went to New York there. How did you find New York?
Oh, it was great. It was cool.
So what did you do there?
Um, well, we went to see the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty.
Took a boat around Manhattan (lovely) and went to a show on Broadway.
That must of have been exciting.
Oh, it was great. It was brilliant. It was so professional.
Yeah. What was the show?
It was really good. It was called, it was called "Wonderful Town!" I had never heard of it
before but we just cued and got tickets during the day and whatever we could get we just went
to see it. Yeah, but it was really, it was a comedy as well. It was really funny, and there
was dance. It was very good.
Mm, yeah, so would you go back to New York?
Yeah, I would, definitely. Um, it's funny though, like after I spent a week there, and after the week
I feel I really know it very well, you know, we did a lot of walking, went to all the differnt
districts, Chinatown, So-Ho, Grenich Village, and Central Park (Yeah) kind of, it's very
easy to find your way around as well.
All right. Yeah, that's good.
With the grid system, which Dublin doesn't have. (Yeah) You know Dublin for a tourists it's
probably harder to find their way around. (Yeah) It's not as sign posted or well signaled.
Not as well laid out. (No) kind of thing.
Yeah! Which of the kind of the areas did you prefer in New York. Did you have,
like,one favorite?

Um, I really liked Chinatown. Chinatown was lovely. We went into lots of little small shops
and it was lovely, like, you know, really quaint little places. We ate in a few, we ate
in one place there as well. It was nice
Yeah, real Chinese food.
Yeah, exactly and like all Chinese people walking around. It's funny. You walk around chinatown
and you just see Chinese people and you walk into the Italian district, you know, Little Italy, and
you just, people are speaking Italian. It's fun, you know, when you're in one city
And the kind of change from one to the other, obvious as well.
Yeah, exactly, yeah! See you kind of forget you're in New York, almost.
Cool. Thanks Mauve.

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