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How many years total did he live in Germany total?
a) 2 years
b) 3 years
c) 5 years
Who was he working for?
a) The German government
b) The Canadian Military
c) A private school
What did he like doing on the weekend?
a) Taking drives
b) Going on walks
c) Going jogging
When did he first live in Germany?
a) 1975
b) 1977
c) 1985
How many languages could he speak?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
Um, now Norman, you've lived in Japan for awhile. Have you lived in any other countries?
Yes, I've lived in Germany as well. (Germany!) Yes, I lived for five years. I had two contracts
in Germany. The first one in the seventies, for three years. I was an immersion teacher, which
means that they're English students at the elementary level who take all their courses in French,
so with a particular second language approach I would teach them not only French, but I would teach
them mathematics in French, science in French, visual arts in French, physical education in French
(Wow, in Germany) In Germany, yes! This was for the Canadian Armed forces. The, usually it's the man
the father, who's there as a soldier, but sometimes it's the woman. But they have, they do have children
and there was a need for some Canadian schooling. They hire teachers to teach the children of
military personnel.
Wow! What a cool job! What did you think about Germany?
Ah, Germany is very interesting in that it's a very lively country, I find. I enjoyed certainly the
nature part. Every weekend, Susan and I tried to go on what they call volksmarch, which means, it's,
"volks" means popular, popular walk. You have a choice of five kilometers, ten kilometers, or fifteen kilometers
walk and at the end, once you complete the walk, you get a metal, and the walk is always in some nice
village. You go up the hills, up the mountains, you have beautiful sights, and every now and then
they have some kind of a food stand with a Bavarian band playing, and then you have those Bavarian sausages
and it's just a whole lot of fun so we would take our children along with us and it would be quite an event.
That's nice. How long did you live in Germany?
I lived there five years total. 75 to 78,for a three year contract, and then 85 to 87, a two year contract.
Wow, so you speak German as well.
I do, I do, but now I have not spoken it for quite a long time so it would take a little bit of, let's say, review.
Wow! tri-lingual. That's cool!
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