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What industry does his oldest son work in?
a) Business
b) Medicine
c) Education
What is he really good at?
a) Communication
b) Science
c) Sports
What industry does his daughter work in?
a) Medicine
b) The circus
c) Music
Where does she teach?
a) Piano
b) Trampoline
c) CPR
What industry does his youngest son work in?
a) Music
b) Finance
c) Computers

Norm, you have three children, right?
Yes, I do. I'm very lucky.
What do your Children do? What kind of jobs do they have?
Well, my oldest one, he works for Frito lay, which is a company owned by Pepsi Cola.
He's a regional manager, which means he has the whole province of Ontario, and he
is responsible for distribution for, he handles big budgets, we're talking about millions
of dollars here, and he is a problem solver. When an area does not make profit, or if
they have problems then they send him there to fix the problems. He's very good at that.
He has very good human communication skills and he sees problems and he sees solutions
that please everyone, so he's very successful.
I have, my daughter, who does many things. She works in the circus industry. She teaches at
L'arc de cirque in Quebec, and she's also has her own busker act with a friend and she also
teaches trampoline at the circus school, and she also competes. She's an international athlete.
She came in 7th at the world competitions in Hamburg last fall, and synchronized trampoline.
And my youngest son, he's in computers. He enjoys it very much. He works for a big consulting
company. They have contracts, government contracts, and he sets up the data base and trains the
government people so that they can use the computers to, for example, monitor medical files of
the people and the province.
Wow, you must be really proud. You have three amazing kids.
Thank you. Thank you. They worked very hard. Yes, and they're, they like also to experience
different things so there all in that kind of field where they can change job when they find that
the job is not as interesting anymore, so they ask for transfers and, that's the way they like it.
Well, you're one cool guy Norman. I'm not surprised that you have three successful children.

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