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How long has she been in Japan?
a) 2 weeks
b) 2 months
c) 2 years
Where has she taught before?
a) China
b) Europe
c) Africa
What food does she like to eat ?
a) Rice
b) Fish
c) Pork
What surprised her about the weather?
a) The rain
b) The heat
c) The wind
What does she not like about the trains?
a) The service
b) The cost
c) The crowds
OK, Sarah, how long have you been in Japan?
I've been in Japan for two months. I came in April.
Again, when did you come to Japan?
Ah, two months ago.
OK, and what do you think about Japan?
Um, it's a very interesting country. I expected a very big culture shock when I first came here
because I've never been to Asia. I've always taught in Europe and I've been to America but they were
all places that weren't particularly different from England, like Japan, but I didn't have any culture
shock and I don't know if it's just because I was in an environment with other English speaking people
and I was in a company where it's very secure and safe so there was not need to have that kind of shock
but I think the differences here are just unbelievable. It's very difficult to explain it to somebody
who's never been to Japan before, so talking on the phone about being here, talking to someone back in
England is very difficult to explain to them how different it is here.
Yeah, what do you think about the food?
I like the food because I like fish so I was lucky, so the food, I've tried some different things, tried to
be adventurous.
And the people?
Ah, the people are nice, very nice, first quite difficult to, when teaching, very very different than teaching
Europeans, particularly the Austrian people from my experience are very loud and forthcoming, and at first
they were very, very quite, and we've seen quite a difference now that they've got to know us, and they've
opened up quite a lot and it's easier, but generally I find the people very kind in the streets. When we meet
people they're always very helpful, very kind.
Yeah, I think Japanese people are, that's one of their best traits. Yeah, they're very, very sweet.
Um, OK, what do you think about the weather?

Um, yeah, very changeable. I was quite surprised. Most people think that in England the weather is very, very
bad but here it's, the rain is just unbelievable. I've never seen rain like this before. It's just very, very
changeable and it can be hot for a minute and then the next day it's quite cold.
And now, it's very loud. You live by the train tracks. What do you think of the trains? (The service, or?)
Or just overall? Do you like the trains? Do you like living by the train?

Um, I'm not, I don't think about living by the trains, but I think the trains are very, they're always on time,
always very frequent, very good service but I have never seen so many people get on a train before.
Yeah, they are very crowded.
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