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How far is Newcastle from London?
a) 100 miles
b) 200 miles
c) 300 miles
How long has she lived in London?
a) 4 years
b) 5 years
c) 7 years
Where was she living before?
a) Australia
b) Austria
c) Italy
How long was she there?
a) 6 months
b) 12 months
c) 18 months
What does she prefer to teach?
a) Kids
b) Adults
c) It doesn't matter
OK, hello! (Hello!) Hi, what's your name?
Ah, my name is Sarah.
OK, and Sarah where are you from?
I'm from the north of England, Newcastle.
OK, so Newcastle, how far is that from London?
Um, it's about 300 miles.
Uh-huh, do you go to London a lot or have you been to London before?
I live in London. I've lived in London for the past seven years. (Oh, really?)
Almost seven years, yeah.
OK. Which do you prefer, London or Newcastle?
Um, like them both. I prefer Newcastle because it's smaller, so it's easier to get around,
um, and it's also cheaper. London is very expensive.
So all your family is in Newcastle?
Um, pretty much yeah.
So are they always trying to get you to go back and move back to Newcastle?
Ah, no, no, because most of the jobs are in the south, anyway for younger people so it's quite
difficult to get a job in the north in teaching.
OK. Um, what do you like about London?
Ah, it's a very busy place, there's lots of things going on all the time. There's also lots of things
I don't like about London, but all my friends live there (Yeah) lots of job opportunities.
OK, what were you doing before you came to Japan in London?
Ah, I was in Austria for a year. I was teaching in Austria, and then I was in London teaching,
in London for a few years.
What were you teaching in London?
I was teaching primary school. I was a primary school teacher. (Kids!) Yeah.
So what's it like teaching kids?
Um, tiring. Very tiring. I prefer teaching adults. That's my preference. I've mainly taught adults in TEFL, but
in the state system in England it's only been children. It's fun. It's just very tiring.
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