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What team does she support?
a) Manchester United
b) Newcastle United
c) Arsenal
How did her team do this year?
a) They finished 2nd
b) They finished 4th
c) They finished 5th
Why is she not going to watch the England game?
a) She already knows the score
b) She only likes Premiership
c) She has to work
Why does she not go to Newcastle United games ?
a) She does not like the team
b) Ticekts are hard to get
c) She prefers to watch it on TV
Where does she sometimes watch football?
a) At home
b) At her friend's house
c) At the pub


Um , Sarah , so what sports do you like?
Um, my favorite spectator sport is football. I support Newcastle United in England.
Newcastle United (Newcastle United, Yeah) Are they a good team?
Um, yeah, I think they're pretty good. They finished fifth in the premiereship this year,
so they're near the top.
OK, so right now we have the Euro cup. And last night England played. (They did)
Yeah, did you see the game?

Ah, no I was going to watch it tonight actually in Shibuya but I'm thinking maybe not now
because we lost (Ah, I'm sorry) on penalties.
Yeah, what was the score?
Ah, the final score was 2 all (2-2) and then it went to penalties and I think it was 6-4.
So England always lose on penalties.
They always lose on penalties? (Yeah) Well, sorry. Maybe in the World Cup, next time.
Maybe. Maybe. Yeah.
Um, now do you ever play football?
No, I've never played. (Never) Never played, no.
OK. Do you ever go and watch games in Newcastle?
Um, it's very difficult to watch games in Newcastle because it's a big club and it's Premiereship
and you have to book in advance quite a few years but I've seen some first division football clubs
play against each other.
You have to get tickets two years in advance?
For the big clubs, yeah. (Wow!) They're booked up.
That's pretty intense. (Yeah) So when there's a game on TV then what do you do? Do you watch it at home?
Do you go to a pub?

Ah, it depends on the game. I like it and I like Premeireship football, and I like World Cup football
and Euro 2000 but I wouldn't watch particularly a first division game on the television, but normally
I would go to the pub with friends and watch the game.
Um, do you think that athletes make to much money?
I think footballers do. Yeah, I think they do. I think they do a good job but I think they're incredibly overpaid.
Yeah, I think it is the same thing in the states. I think they make too much money.
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