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Who was his favorite character?
a) Han Solo
b) Darth Vader
c) Luke Skywalker
As a kid, who did he not want to be?
a) Hans Solo
b) Darth Vader
c) Luke Skywalker
Why does he think is was so popular?
a) It was a feel good movie
b) The acting was great
c) Space movies are always popular
What other movie was the movie Star Wars based on?
a) The Hidden Dragon
b) The Hidden Forest
c) The Force
What country was that movie from?
a) Italy
b) China
c) Japan
So, Travis, what is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie of all time is the original Star Wars.
Yeah, that was a pretty great movie.
The original Star Wars was a fantastic fantasy set in space, with great characters, and while
simple I thought meaningful story, but you know, it meant something to me, especially when
I was a kid.
Yeah! Who was your favorite character?
My favorite character was Darth Vader.
What? You got to be kidding me!
When I used to play Star Wars as a kid with my friends we used to always fight over who had to be Luke Skywalker,
and who got to be Darth Vader. Who ever got to be Darth Vader always got to kill Luke Skywalker.
Wow. Why do you think that Star Wars is such a popular movie?
Well, I think of the time that the original Star Wars came out it was unique in a way that no other movie had
really been, and so that was part of it. It used special affects in a way that no other movie ever had, and
I think America was looking for a feel good fantasy movie that basically, while simple really made people
feel like there are good things out there and good sides out there and you could be on a good side. You know,
you have the evil empire, which apparently were the British Empire, and, since all the actors had a British accent.
And then you had the rebels, who were apparently, according to the director. What's his name again? (Ah, George Lucas)
George Lucas. I was about to say Luke Skywalker, but I was pretty sure he didn't direct it. According to George
Lucas were the Americans, so it seemed like it was a replay of the revolutionary war, in some senses, though
he also borrowed from some Japanese movies too. Notably he borrowed from KitaKurasawa's "The Hidden Forstress"
I'm not really sure what the Japanese title is of "The Hidden Fortress" but in English it's translated as 'The
Hidden Fortress" and in that movie, it's a movie where, what's his name, "Nufume?", the actor, he is actually
protecting a princess who has to go in hiding because an enemy samurai clan has destroyed her family, and then
the whole movie is told, that movie, "The Hidden Fortress", is told from the point of view of two bumbling idiots
who sort of go around, provide slap stick comedy almost for the whole movie and are a basically the role models for
CP30 and R2D2 in the movie Star Wars (Ah, interesting) Cause in Star Wars the whole movie is sort of in a way shown
from the point of view, beginning with these two characters, CP30 and R2D2, and they progress most of the
movie, until the end when Luke Skywalker sort of becomes more important and Obi One Kanobi enters the scene,
but at every point it's always CP30 and R2D2 sort of gluing the scenes together in a lot of ways
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