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Who is getting married?
a) His brother
b) His cousin
c) His uncle
How many people are going to the
wedding from his family?

a) 20
b) 30
c) 40
When was the wedding?
a) August 9th
b) August 19th
c) April 9th
How many times has he been to Mexico?
a) Never
b) Once
c) Twice
When do young Americans like to go to Mexico?
a) At 16
b) At 18
c) At 20
Ah, so Travis, you said your brother is getting married.
Well, actually not my brother, my cousin is getting married. On my family's side of the family,
on my father's side of the family, I have quite a few cousins and quite a few uncles and aunts.
My dad is one of eight children, so we've always been very close and basically we've been a
nuclear family around my grandparents of my dad's side, so my cousin, Brian, is going to be getting married in Puerto
Viarta, Mexico, and I think that wedding is taking place about August 9th. (Oh, wow) So we are all going
to be going out there as a family. Hopefully we'll have as many as maybe forty of us, and whoever
the bride invites , and we'll be on the beach for about 3 or 4 days, and have a wedding of Saturday,
so it should be pretty exciting.
Ah, Mexico, that's an interesting choice. I mean, that's pretty far away.
It is pretty far away so it should be kind of expensive for all the guests to get there, which might
be planned on my cousin's side because he might be trying to limit the amount of people who come to his
wedding, so it won't get to overly large, and Mexico is actually cheaper to have a wedding than the
United States because the power of the dollar versus the power of the peso, is you know, quite strong,
so you can go down to Mexico and for maybe a third the price have the same lavish wedding you might
have in the United States, though Puerto Viarta might be a little more expensive than a normal Mexican
wedding because Puerto Viarta is sort of a tourist and resort community.
Have you been to Puerto Viarta before?
I've never been there before. In fact, even though I am from Southern California and from Los Angeles
basically, which is only two hours from Mexico, I've never been to Mexico.
I'm from San Francisco and even I've been to Mexico.
Well, Tijuana is a place everybody goes to, and it's never had any big appeal for me. Typically,
southern Californians will go there, as soon they turn 18 , cause at 18 you can drink in Tijuana,
and you can't drink in California when you're 18. You have to wait until you are 21, so that's a
big reason to go I suppose, but I never made it down there.
Well, I'm sure you'll enjoy Mexico.
I'm sure I will.
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