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Get Over 1300 Printable ESL Lessons with MP3

ELLLO conversation lessons are perfect for students and teachers for English. Each lessons contains an MP3 file of an authentic conversation with native speakers and non-native speakers. Students can hear a variety of accents and hear authentic English unlike language in any textbook. Also, each MP3 files comes with a printable worksheet that contains a transcript of the conversation, vocabulary support, and a comprehension quiz.

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These audio files make up most of the audio on elllo.org, and are a great resource for students, teachers, and institutions. These interviews represent over 5 hours of English language content.

Each interview comes as an individual MP3 file that can play on a computer, MP3 player or tablet device. For iPhone, iTouch, and iPods, learners can view the script as they listen by touching their screen.

Also, as an added bonus, these MP3 files come with printable PDFs worksheets with the transcript of the audio included.

The audio lessons on these MP3 files are great for:

Listen to the audio offline from any location. For people driving in a car, the files can be burned to CD or played from a smart phone or tablet device as you drive. For commuters on rail or bus, students can listen to the audio from a smart-phone and follow along with the printable PDF worksheets.

The entire collection of MP3 and PDF files represents hundreds of potential lessons to use in the classroom. Teachers can print the worksheets for study in class or assign them as homework.

Add the MP3 and PDF files to any school resource center, such as a library, self-access center or teacher resource collection. These audio files and worksheets are perfect for self-access, autonomous learning and independent study and an excellent resource for teachers looking for materials to boost their classes.

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