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creatorElllo! My name is Todd Beuckens, and I am an English teacher based in Japan. Each week I publish two new listening lessons that students and teachers can use freely to make learning English fun, natural, and meaningful. You can contact me here.

Big Audio Library!

Teachers and students can get all of the audio from lessons 1 to 1300 in one purchase. These MP3 files are perfect for students wanting to study offline or on the go, and for teachers and administrators looking for lesson materials for their students.

This purchases includes nearly 1300 MP3 files

plus nearly 1300 printable worksheets as PDF

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English Vocabulary Packs

Learn English quickly by listeing to hundreds of short vocabulary lessons. Each vocabulary pack includes about 500 MP3 files that teach the meaning, pronuciation and use of various vocabulary items. All of the vocabulary items are phrases and expressions used in spoken English come real conversations on elllo.org.

Vocab Pack 12 in MP3
Vocabulary from 1201-1300

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Vocab Pack 10 in MP3
Words from 1001-1100

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Vocab Pack 9 in MP3
Vocabulary from 801-900

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Vocab Pack 8 in MP3
Vocabulary from 801-900

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Note: You cannot download the files to a phone. You need to import them via a computer. For the iPhone, use iTunes to do this.