Audio Conversations
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Listen to 400 English coversations from people from around the world. These audio lessons feature short, authentic conversation from numerous English speakers about a variety of topics.

For Students!

Listen to real conversations from a variety of topics. By listening to authentic English, students can learn how speakers talk in a natural conversation. Each lesson is between one and five minutes long, so students can study in short sessions, and not feel bored.

For Teachers!

These audio MP3 files are perfect for teachers looking for materials to use in class. Teachers can download the audio and use them for in class listening activities, homework, or extensive listening materal.

For Schools!

Schools and administrators can save time and money by useing elllo audio as part of their curricullum The audio can easilybe adapted to build lessons, supplement lessons, or adapt lesson material.

Printable Lessons

Study Offline! These lessons are perfect as worksheets for homework, in-class tasks, self-study, and portfolio creation. Even though elllo focuses on listening, many students and teachers use the lessons for extensive reading and vocabulary lesson as well.

Just $20 USD

Meet the Teacher

My name is Todd Beuckens and I am an ESL teacher in Japan. I created this course to help students improve their English in a fun course that does not take long to complete. Students can work through all the videos and audio in about two weeks (one week for highly motivated students).

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