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With these English listening activities, students have three choices. They can listen to the audio non-stop in either the slide-show or flash audio formats. Slide means there are pictures that go with the audio as it plays. Flash audio means there are only pictures of the topic at the start of the activity. These activities are both good for extensive listening. Quiz activities have questions that appears in the audio segment. Students must answer each question correctly to move on. These segments are good for improving test taking skills, such as for the TOEFL or TOEIC. The text page has the transcript and an mp3 file that can be downloaded.
Michael talks about Jeannie talks about

1) Buying a house (slide | quiz | text )
2) Life in Togo (slide | quiz | text )
3) Meeting his wife (slide | quiz | text )
4) Morning routine (slide | quiz | text )
5) College life (slide | quiz | text )

1) Her family (flash | quiz | text )
2) Meditation (flash | quiz | text )
3) Hip hop music (flash | quiz | text )
4) Tough kids (flash | quiz | text )
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