Study English by listening to english speakers from Australia and learn Australian English.
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These English listening activities are interviews with native speakers. Each speaker was asked some questions about a topic and then answered each question naturally. Each activity has four parts: (1) a listen only section with pre-listening questions and images, (2) a quiz, (3) the transcript and (4) bonus audio the listener can interact with. (M) indicates a monologue. To get back to this page just click the "back" button. The home link will take you to the ELLLO homepage.
Aaron  talks about: Sophie  talks about: Michael  talks about: Anili  talks about:
1) Animals
2) Govenrment
3) Australia
4) Growing up
5) Aussie food
1) Word game
2) High school
1) Australia
2) Spearfishing
1) First job
2) Going home
Trevor  talks about: Aaraon also talks about        
1) Art
2) The beach
3) His dog
4) Photography
5) Evenings
1) Melbourne
2) Sports
3) Voting
4) Walk-about
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