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(Currently there are no activities in the 2005 format with Japanese speakers. I will try to get some soon.)
These English listening activities are Japanese speakers of English.. Each speaker was asked some questions about a topic and then answered each question naturally. Each activity has four parts: (1) a listen only section with pre-listening questions and images, (2) a quiz, (3) the transcript and (4) bonus audio the listener can interact with. (M) indicates a monologue. To get back to this page just click the "back" button. The home link will take you to the ELLLO homepage.
Kawabe  talks about: Yoko  talks about: Hisa  talks about: Yoko  talks about:
1) English tips
2) Job interview
3) Bike job
4) Manga
5) Pachinko
6) Osaka
1) Life in the U.S.
2) Commuting
3) The gym
1) Pet peeve
2) Japanese Food

1) Martial arts
2) Training

Kentaro  talks about: Daisuke  talks about:        
1) Breakfast
2) Apples
3) Hometown

1) Fish market
2) Guesthouse

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