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What is the secret to learning English?

Micky: Hello guys, you’re tuning in to I’m Micky from Nigeria and

Shon: Shon from Uzbekistan.

Micky: Today I wanna tell you the best way to learn English.

Shon: Yeah.

Micky: Alright, Shon, what do you think about the topic?

Shon: Well, actually, the best way to learn English. We are also not the native speakers but I’ll tell you the best way to learn English. The first one is, don’t be shy. Remember, don’t be shy. Speak what you really want to speak, okay?

Micky: Express yourself as much as you can.

Shon: True. And the second one is, don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Micky: Yes, Mistakes are good. By making mistakes, you introduce what – how to help yourself be corrected. Make mistakes, you’re just halfway there. If you’re scared of making mistake, you cannot help yourself to grow. And the third point is this – you have to listen to a lot of audios, videos, possible those speak English too. With that, you get used to the language. And, you become a good listener and good speaker of English with no time.

Shon: Yeah.

Micky: Thank you.

Shon: Keep learning English, don’t be afraid of making mistake, okay?

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