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Speakers #1125
Do video games lower or raise crime?
Speakers #1124
Do you like to hold a party?
Speakers #1123
What is the last party you went to?
Speakers #1122
Do you listen to podcasts?
Speakers #1121
What makes a good DJ?
Speakers #1120
Would your country be a good World Cup host?
Speakers #1119
What country should have the World Cup?
Speakers #1117
What did you want to be as a kid?
Speakers #1116
What is the right age to drink alcohol?
Speakers #1115
Should food have warning labels?
Speakers #1114
Have you ever been in a courtroom?
Speakers #1113
Would you ever want to be a lawyer?
Speakers #1112
Do you believe in the justice system?
Speakers #1111
Have you been to Argentina?
Speakers #1110
Are you good at managing your time?
Speakers #1109
What do you think of homeschooling?
Speakers #1108
Have you raised an animal?
Speakers #1107
Did you ever go to camp?
Speakers #1106
What renewable energies do you use?
Speakers #1105
Do you think we will ever stop using oil?
Speakers #1104
What are the main parties in your country?
Speakers #1103
What is controversial in your country?
Speakers #1102
How do you feel about guns?

Does your country have good healthcare?