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I have a few main ambitions at the moment. I think the first and foremost ones, seeing as I'm in
Japan at the moment Japanese, would to be actually to be able to speak the language, but I think
that's pretty far fetched ambition at the moment at the rate I'm going. I think to actually learn this
language properly you'd have to live here and be studying at a year to get to know the language
and then another year to get fluent, get the speed up, get the slang in, so I mean I think that's one
of my life ambitions is to Japanese. I can't speak any other languages so just to be able
to speak another language would be amazing. I think English, English people have, well,
a sort of bad arrogance that everyone else speaks English and so why bother to learn another
language. It's not like people in other European where, like from a very young age
they learn English. They can speak English, maybe French, Spanish, and Italian. Once you got
one language under your belt it seems to be a lot easier to up other languages. So that's
one of the things I'd like to do. My other main wish at the moment, which I hopefully I'm going
to turn into a reality when I home is to actually get a job in the animation industry.
I did my degree in that and it's been something that I've, you know, I've been waiting to actually
get to the job stage, the job stage for so long now. Before I came to Japan, I was working, but in
a graphic job which is not what I'm actually wanting to do, so I think my, you know, number
one wish at the moment, apart from the Japanese, is to actually be there in the industry I want to
be working in, working the I want to work, you know doing what I do for fun, as a job. That's
my sort of number one ambition. I mean obviously making is nice but I think at the moment
the most important thing in a job is, you know money shouldn't be the first thing, you should really
enjoy what you're doing. I've always said I'd want to work in an office where you have to wear
a suit, where you have to be constricted and constrained. You know I want to have my offices, sort of
I mean, the environments I've, the work environments I've seen so far friends and what I've
worked in myself is pretty similar to how I think it should be: a group of more friends than colleagues
working together on something they're about. I think that has to be my main aim in life.