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What does she compare English food to ?
a) French food
b) German food
c) Italian food
How often does she eat Fish and Chips?
a) Once a week
b) Twice a month
c) Three times a year
What to her is a typical English dish?
a) Sheppard's pie
b) Hamburgers and Fries
c) A good roast
What other cuisines are popular in England?
a) Indian and Chinese
b) Mexican and American
c) French and Italian
What will be difficult to do in England?
a) Cook Japanese food
b) Buy Japanese ingredients
c) Both of these
I think food is such a great subject, such an interesting subject. I mean, food is something that everyone has to do. It's a life necessity, and actually because of that it can be a real hassle, like when you have to eat when you're hungry but you really can't be bothered to make anything. You can't go out and buy anything. You don't have the money to go out and buy anything is the worst thing, but when you're not in that situation food is great. Um, I'm just sort of thinking over all the different types of food I've eaten throughout my life and the sort of real spread, range of food, throughout different countries. I mean, I come from England where, I wouldn't say England really had a very specific scene of it's own. I think, you know, very nice English restaurant food is probably more like French restaurant food. The only sort of staple things that everyone knows comes from England are obviously Fish and Chips which actually, normal English people don't eat that much of. I probably eat Fish and Chips 3 times a year. Maybe if I lived a bit further north, I'd eat it once a week, but that is known as the sort of number one English dish. Although that's really junk food, and I think a good roast with gravy , Yorkshire pudding, baked potatoes. I see that as proper English food, but just thinking, now living in Japan, the difference between the food in England and the food in Japan, and then I've been brought up very much on like Chinese food as well. My mom always cooked lots of Chinese food, and in England of course, the number one favorite food is Indian curry, and all these different foods are so, so different from each other, just flavors, what you use, I mean, cooking here, is really depressing when it gets to about 7 o'clock in the evening here, cause I go down in the guest house I'm living in, and I walk into the kitchen area, and just the whole area smells amazing from where all the Japanese residents are cooking their normal Japanese meal, which are totally normal to them, but to a foreigner, they seem like these amazingly elaborate meals where I'm sure, like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding would seem the same to a Japanese person, but it's a pity really that sort of countries aren't more, sort of aware of sharing their food with each other. I mean when I get back to England, I'm gonna be in a whole load of trouble cause all the food I eat here, all the ingredients that I need, you can only get in Japan: they're specific Japanese vegetables, or in Asia at least, and I'm gonna have to get to very specific supermarkets to get even half the stuff I want and all the things like the nice vegetables I won't be even able to buy.

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