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Listen and then CLICK on the picture
to get the answer to the question!

When were they married?
a) May 5th
b) May 13th
c) March 30th
What did being married feel like for Chris?
a) A big change
b) Nothing different
c) Very stressful
How often do they disagree?
a) Always
b) Sometimes
c) Never
How long have they been married?
a) 3 years
b) 4 years
c) 5 years
What will she get for her birthday?
a) A diamond
b) A trip
c) A car
Fill in the missing words

Dave / Chris / Adrienne

So, Dave and Chris, how long have you been married?
Oh, gosh! We have been married over 4 years, in May of this coming year,
this year actually, it'll be 5 years.
So when is your anniversary?
May 13th, 2000.
What do you think about being married? What's married life like?
It's great!
Hmm! I sense a bit of sarcasm there.
No, it is good. It is good!
What do you like about it?
It's nice to have a companion. It's nice to have a helper. Yeah! Teamwork.
Dave and I actually knew each other for quite a few years before we got married, so when you ask what it
is like being married, it doesn't seem terribly different for me because I've known him for so long.
It's a continuation of a friendship. (Yes) so!
So being married is like having your best friend for life?
Yes, yeah. Maybe! That's a very good way of putting it.
Very good way!
What is your favorite thing about being married?
Always knowing that someone else is going to be there for you,
and with you and understand you.
I'd agree with that.
Do you feel like you will always understand each other?
Oh, there are times when we disagree (Sure). There are plenty of times when we disagree,
but I think at a very fundamental level, yes, we do understand each other.
So, anniversary's in May!
In May! Yes!
Of , this year.
And that will be your 5 year anniversary?
5 year anniversary.
What is symbol for 5 year-anniversary, do you know?
I have no clue.
Chocolate fudge!
I hope diamonds.
I don't think diamonds is yet.
I think 5 year might be paper.
Oh, bummer!
Or wood!

Well, paper, that would kind of go along with my birthday present, then.
That would.
A paper ticket.
A paper ticket.
I have a big birthday this year. My birthday is in May also and Dave is going to
be taking me somewhere fun, so.
Ah, so you get a plane ticket.
A plane ticket.
That would work.
Maybe a plane ticket.
Maybe, maybe a boat ticket!
Maybe a boat ticket!
Or a train ticket! Maybe itís just a bus ticket.
Maybe itís just a bus ticket to the other side of town.
Right! Well, I hope itís a good one.
It will be.

Q1: Are...?

Q2: Who's...?

Q3: What...?