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Listen and then CLICK on the picture
to get the answer to the question!

What is she trying to do?
a) Clean her glasses
b) Find her glasses
c) Fix her glasses
When did she begin wearing glasses?
a) At age 7
b) At age 10
c) At age 17
Where did she try on glasses for the first time?
a) School
b) The eye doctor's
c) At home
What is her annoying habit?
a) Forgetting her glasses
b) Losing her glasses
c) Breaking her glasses
What can she not see well?
a) Things close to her
b) Things far away
c) Both
Fill in the missing words
I am sitting here and I am trying to fix my glasses. It’s a little bit frusterating because on one side there is a screw that’s come loose, so I'm trying to get it back really, really tight, so my glasses won't fall off but I don't have the little screw driver that I need so I'm trying to do it with just my, the nail, my finger nail, so it's really quite annoying. I was thinking today, I've been wearing glasses for quite a long time now. I think since I was seventeen or eighteen, so I was telling my friend today that I first realized I needed glasses when another friend of mine at school got glasses for the first time and we were all trying them on and, you know, seeing what they look like on us, and suddenly I looked at the blackboard, and I realized, "Oh, my god! Everything is so much clearer.” So then I thought, “Oops! I’d better get myself to an optician very quickly”, so I got my mother to take me to the optician, or the eye doctor, and a week later or so I suppose, I got my glasses. I don't mind wearing glasses. Some people don't like it, so they maybe wear contact lenses all the time. I wear contact lenses sometimes only because sometimes I have a habit of losing my glasses, which is quite annoying. Because I'm short sighted that means that I have difficulty seeing things that are far away. If I'm not looking far away I don’t need my glasses so I often take them off and put them somewhere, like on a table or let me see, where else, in my bag or stuck in the front of my jumper and from those places they can all fall and, you know, break and things so a couple of times my glasses have broken so I thought investing in contact lenses might be a good idea. Yeah, so far it is OK, but I don't wear the lenses very much. I have the daily disposable lenses, they’re called, so that if I wear them for one day I can just throw them away rather than cleaning them and putting in the same ones the next day I think that’s too much trouble for me. I’m a bit lazy.

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