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Listen and then CLICK on the picture
to get the answer to the question!

What does Marion say is the only good
thing about cleaning?

a) The satisfaction of having a clean room
b) Finding things she has forgotten about
c) Knowing it is done
What does marion not mention finding
as she tidies up?

a) Money
b) Books
c) Voucher
What does she keep in piles?
a) Books
b) Newspapers
c) CDs
What's the worst thing about a paper mountain?
a) It takes up a lot of space
b) It takes a long time to tidy
c) It looks very messy
What is another word for hoarder?
a) Nutcase
b) Bagrat
c) Packrat
Fill in the missing words
My bedroom is very messy at the moment. I'm not too happy with it. I'm just looking around and trying to work myself up to actually cleaning it. Em, but I don't like cleaning my bedroom. Sometimes I like it when I tidy things up and I find things that I've forgotten that I had in the first place, that's quite nice, especially when you find maybe money or, I don't know, a voucher or something. That happened to me once that I found a voucher for a bookshop that a friend of mine had given me months before but I'd completely forgotten that I had it, so that was a nice surprise but generally, generally, it's not a good thing, is it, to clean your bedroom? At the moment, just looking around, there are so many things that I need to tidy up. I've got lots of, lots of books everywhere, in piles, in neat piles, but maybe too many piles, all over the floor, I think. Then I've got lots of newspapers and CDs, out of their, their covers, of course, because that would be too neat! Tapes, what else? I think the worst thing for me is all the paper that I tend to accumulate, notebooks, and printouts from work, and lesson plans, and ideas I have for other lessons, so that before I know it, there's a little paper mountain on my floor. So, usually I have one paper mountain and that's not so bad, but at the moment, I have three. That's not good at all. The thing with a paper mountain is it can take you absolutely hours to get through it, before you can sort it into one category or another, and I hate throwing things away. I think that's my problem. I'm a real pack-rat, I think people call them, or a hoarder. I tend to hoard things, so hoarding mean keeping things even though they're not really useful anymore. So, I'm a definite hoarder. I also have loads of photographs and boxes, and, my God, way too many things. I think maybe I'd better start cleaning.

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