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Gap-fill exercise

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My bedroom is very at the moment. I'm not too happy with it. I'm just looking around and trying to work up to actually cleaning it. Em, but I don't like cleaning my . Sometimes I like it when I tidy up and I find things that I've forgotten that I had in the first place, that's quite nice, especially when you find maybe or, I don't know, a voucher or something. That happened to me once that I found a voucher for a that a friend of mine had given me months before but I'd completely that I had it, so that was a nice surprise but generally, generally, it's not a good thing, is it, to clean your bedroom? At the moment, just looking , there are so many things that I need to tidy up. I've got lots of, lots of books everywhere, in piles, in piles, but maybe too many piles, all over the floor, I think. Then I've got lots of and CDs, out of their, their covers, of course, because that would be too neat! Tapes, what else? I think the thing for me is all the paper that I tend to accumulate, notebooks, and printouts from work, and plans, and ideas I have for other lessons, so that before I know it, there's a little paper on my floor. So, usually I have one paper mountain and that's not so bad, but at the , I have three. That's not good at all. The thing with a paper mountain is it can take you absolutely to get through it, before you can sort it into one category or another, and I hate throwing away. I think that's my problem. I'm a real pack-rat, I think people call them, or a hoarder. I tend to things, so hoarding mean keeping things even though they're not really useful anymore. So, I'm a hoarder. I also have loads of photographs and boxes, and, my God, way too things. I think maybe I'd better cleaning.