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So, Akane, you're from Canada, right?
That's right.
Tell me about where you live.
Well, I grew up in Toronto, and it's
quite a big city. In the greater
Toronto area, there's about, I think
3 1/2 million people just now and it's
very multicultural and that's one of the
things that I really like about Toronto
is that there're many different people
from many different countries.
And do you live in Toronto now?
No, actually, I haven't lived there for
a year now I think, almost, actually more
than that, because I've been travelling
and working and what not.
Oh, right. What's your job?
I'm actually a teacher.

Do you teach children or adults?
Usually I do. I am mostly trained to teach
younger children, but recently I've begun
teaching older students, or young adults,
and I quite enjoy it actually.
So which do you prefer?
Well, they both have good parts and bad parts
and I think in the future I would like to
do a bit of both.
Do you know where you would like to live
in the future?

I have no idea. I would like to travel to
different places and maybe I'll eventually
settle back down in Toronto, where I'm from.
Do you have family in Toronto?
Not at the moment, no. My parents moved
to Vancouver and that's where they live right
Ah, Vancouver, is that in Canada was well?
That's right. It's on the West Coast of
Canada and the weather is much warmer
there and that's why my parents like
it there.
Oh, wow, it sounds nice.