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Ruth: So Akane, what do you think about children today having mobile phones?

Akane: Mobile phones? Well, I mean, I think they could be a good thing, I mean for safety reasons.

Ruth: Really?

Akane: Yes if I was a parent I think I would feel safer knowing that my child had a mobile phone and I could get in touch with them whenever I need to and if something happens like an emergency then they will be able to use the mobile phone.

Ruth: You see I would argue that they’re quite dangerous actually, because children don’t really have the best attention spans anyway and often they could, for example, walk into the road whilst they were talking on their mobile phone and generally not pay attention so I don’t think they’re very safe.

Akane: Well that’s a good point but that could also teach them responsibility as well. If mobile phones are unsafe, I mean bicycles could be unsafe and toys could be unsafe, but that’s all part of growing up and I think that if you teach them responsibility, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Ruth: But I think fewer children these days play on bikes than they used to; I think children are
more dependent upon technology and I see that as, as a definite negative thing because children don’t play out as they used to before. They just stay in and watch TV and play on computer games.

Akane: True, true. I suppose so, but you know technology is a necessity in our lives and in the future if we want them to become competent in using technology and taking advantage of technology then I think it would be a good way to start.

Ruth: Don’t you think they are really expensive though? I mean, don’t…

Akane: Oh yeah, they are.

Ruth: If I was a parent though I would not want my child to be phoning people left, right and centre because it would cost so much money.

Akane: Well you could be right about that. They do cost a lot of money.

Ruth: Oh, I’m glad you agree. Well, yeah, like at least we agree about something now.

Akane: For sure.