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Todd: Hey, Akane, the other day we were coming home on the bus (Yeah) and I got off the bus and I thought you were on the same bus as us, but when I started walking home, you weren't around. What happened?

Akane: Well, it's kind of a funny story actually. I fell asleep on the bus (Oh, no) and I was so tired that afternoon. It was a Friday afternoon and I'd had a long week and just fell deep into sleep and I really didn't notice when we were at the end of the bus ride and we were at the station, and then I was really upset because the bus driver didn't say anything and so I just kept sleeping and by the time I woke up and noticed we were on our way back to the school again. (Oh, no) Yes, and I didn't get a chance to press the button and get off until I was almost halfway to the school, so I ended up getting home really late and even more tired and it wasn't a very good experience at all.

Todd: Did you say anything to the bus driver when you got off?

Akane: No, I didn't because I was so flustered and I was in a rush to get off that I didn't really get to say anything.

Todd: Oh, that must have been so annoying.

Akane: It was.

Todd: So what time did you actually make it home?

Akane: I think it was around 7:30, maybe.

Todd: Well, the next time we come home, I'll look for you and I'll make sure to wake you up.

Akane: For sure, and make sure to look in the back seat and make sure I'm not lying down horizontally because I think that's maybe how the bus driver missed out on the fact I was there.