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You said you'll be back boy
Before it's time for supper
You'll be back,
When it gets to cold to run
When it's dark,
You'll be howling for your momma
Let me tell you boy
Said it won't be too much fun
Now, I come back and say
Like a slave I've been worked
Since the day of my birth
Round here there's nothing left to lose
I could be broken like a stone
On a railroad track,
But I won't go back
I won't go back
I'm no angel
But I've served my share of sorrow
I live in darkness now
Hiding from the dark

I'm no devil,
BUt I take the blame for some things
Lord knows that no one
Deserves these cards I've drawn
I keep a letter in my pocket
Saying if you find me dead
Dig a hole right where I lay
I *** dead or dead alive,
Just one simple fact
That I won't go back
I won't go back
I won't go back
Nothing you're gonna say, baby
Will change my mind
I won't go back
I've been whupped and chained
my whole life
I won't go back
I won't go back