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Todd: So, Akane, what did you do today?

Akane: Ah, today I cleaned my apartment.

Todd: Sounds fun!

Akane: It was actually. I really like cleaning cause I only get one day a week to do it, and my apartment gets clean.

Todd: So when you clean your apartment how long does it take you to clean everything?

Akane: Well, let's see, I started around 7:30 in the morning and then I probably finished around 10:30.

Todd: 3 hours!

Akane: Yeah!

Todd: That's a long time.

Akane: Well, I do a lot of cleaning.

Todd: Man!

Akane: And that includes laundry, actually.

Todd: So for your laundry, do you use the laundry mat down the street?

Akane: No, I use my own laundry machine, and I hang it up to dry.

Todd: Wow! But when you do that you can't get that nice soft feel from the clothes.

Akane: Well, no but I save money!

Todd: That's true! I feel bad about using the laundry mat cause I guess it wastes energy, but I just love
how the dryers make your clothes really soft and warm and there's no wrinkles and it's done.

Akane: I agree. Mm, for sure. I wish I had a dryer

Todd: So do you iron your clothes for work?

Akane: I do, yeah, I always iron my clothes. I do my washing on Saturdays and I do my ironing on Sundays.

Todd: Oh, man, you're regimented.

Akane: Yeah, I am.

Todd: You got it down. You know I never iron my shirts.

Akane: You never iron!

Todd: No, I just take them out of the dryer, and that's close enough, and then usually when I put them on, they kind of stretch.

Akane: Well, I guess so and if you're wearing a jacket over it, then you can't really see.

Todd: Yeah, plus I'm a teacher and teachers don't have to look sharp.

Akane: I guess so. Yeah!

Todd: Hey, so, what are your plans for tomorrow?

Akane: Tomorrow? Well, my ironing of course, and I'm a teacher and I have markings so, I'll do some markings, cause I have to mark some essays.

Todd: Oh, that sounds awful!

Akane: Yeah, but it has to be done.

Todd: Yeah, but on the weekend! I try not to bring work home. I just don't like to do it. On the weekend, I feel you should energize yourself and just rest and relax.

Akane: I agree, but this week I couldn't help it cause we were so busy.

Todd: So, why were you busy this week?

Akane: Well, we had so much work to do, and I gave them out an essay, and I got those essays back,
so I have to mark those.

Todd: Hey, have you been giving your students tests?

Akane: Uh, just little quizzes once in awhile.

Todd: Yeah, I have to give my students a test but I don't know what to test them on.

Akane: Yeah, that is always a hard part.

Todd: Do you give easy tests or hard tests?

Akane: Well, the quizzes are quite easy, but I think they find it to be quite hard.

Todd: Yeah, students always say, "It's difficult!"

Akane: Yeah!

Todd: "It's difficult!" Well, enjoy your marking tomorrow!

Akane: Thanks.