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Todd: So, Ruthie, what did you do today?

Ruth: Well, I got up quite early this morning, actually, to go shopping.

Todd: Oh, yeah! (Yeah) Ooh, shopping.

Ruth: I really like shopping.

Todd: That's true but you're on a budget. You're trying to save money.

Ruth: I know, but is was my brother's birthday. Well, it is my brother's birthday in a week so.

Todd: Oh, no kidding.

Ruth: Yeah.

Todd: So, what did you get your brother for his birthday?

Ruth: Well, it was quite difficult to find something that I thought he would like, but I got him some cakes in the end, some Japanese cakes.

Todd: Japanese cakes?

Ruth: Yeah, they're in like a special presentation box.

Todd: So, how are you going to get the cakes to your brother? Just through the post office?

Ruth: Yes, I sent them in the post this morning.

Todd: Oh, did you send them express or just regular mail?

Ruth: No, regular mail because it was cheaper.

Todd: But, don't you want it to hurry and get there for his birthday?

Ruth: I've got one week. I think it will get there in time.

Todd: So, what do you think you're brother will think of the cakes?

Ruth: I don't think he'll like them actually.

Todd: No?

Ruth: Well, he likes chocolate cake, and they look like they've got kind of chocolate inside but it's bean paste. I think he'll be disappointed.

Todd: So what did you brother get you for your last birthday?

Ruth: That's a good question. He always gives me money, and he often gives me chocolate as well. He's very generous.

Todd: Actually, I'm the same way. Guys like to give money. Money is so easy. No shopping involved.

Ruth: It's practical, though, it's good.

Todd: Now, I've been told that when you give money for a gift, it's actually very impolite.

Ruth: Really?

Todd: Is that true? Yeah!

Ruth: Why is that?

Todd: I don't know. Some people say it's just really impersonal. That you should take the time to get a gift.

Ruth: Really! I really think if anybody gave me money I would be so pleased. It's a good present.

Todd: Exactly, that's what I think. (Pause) Hey, um, actually, when are you going to see your brother next?

Ruth: Probably, I will see him in August of September.

Todd: Oh, that's quite a ways away.

Ruth: Yes, about four months is that.

Todd: So is this a younger brother or older brother?

Ruth: He's older. He's twenty-six.

Todd: Oh, he's twenty six.

Ruth: He's going to be twenty-six soon.

Todd: Ok, well, if you happen to e-mail him, tell him happy birthday.

Ruth: Oh, certainly will do. Thanks.