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Akane: Hey, Ruth.

Ruth: Hey, Akane.

Akane: I just came to pick up my plastic container than I lent you the other day.

Ruth: Oh, right. Well, I've just washed it actually, so here you go.

Akane: Thanks. So did you like that potato salad I made you?

Ruth: It was really nice. Yeah, it was really nice. I'm not sure how you made it, but I enjoyed it.

Akane: Yeah, I gave some to Todd as well and he really liked it too.

Ruth: Oh, good, I'm glad he liked it. That's good.

Akane: Yeah. I made some stuffed peppers too, but unfortunately there's meat in it, so..

Ruth: Oh, no. That's a shame. I would have really liked some of those, too.

Akane: Yeah. I gave it to Todd and he really liked it.

Ruth: Really.

Akane: Yeah.

Ruth: You're such a good cook. I wish I could cook like you can.

Akane: Oh, I'm sure there's a few tricks up your sleeve as well.

Ruth: Oh, I don't think so. I've yet to discover them.

Akane: So do you want to go out for dinner again this Saturday?

Ruth: Oh, that sounds like a really good idea.

Akane: Um, last time, last week I think we went to "Joyful", right?

Ruth: Yeah, that's right. We had rice and things like that. Is that right?

Akane: Mm-hm, and I think I might of had a hamburger, or something like that.

Ruth: Oh, yes, you did.

Akane: Yeah.

Ruth: So, where do you think we should go this time?

Akane: Uh, I don't know. Do you want to go for sushi again?

Ruth: Oh, I really like sushi. Yeah.

Akane: Yeah, there's that, that other store, the sushi shop that we haven't gone to yet.

Ruth: Ok, well, we could go there because that would be a nice walk as well.
We could walk there and walk back and we could get some exercise at the same time.

Akane: Oh, that's a great idea.

Ruth: Yeah, and then we wouldn't feel so bad when we're greedy.

Akane: Hm, for sure.

Ruth: Why don't you go and ask Todd, and find out if he wants to go..

Akane: OK.

Ruth: And then we'll organize it for tomorrow night.

Akane: Great idea.

Ruth: Oh, excellent. Oh, and Akane?

Akane: Yeah!

Ruth: You know, if you're making anymore potato salad,..

Akane: Mm-hm?

Ruth: Feel free to bring some around.

Akane: Sure. No problem.

Ruth: Alright. Bye-bye.