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Ruth: Now Akane! (Yeah) I've noticed that you fall asleep everywhere.

Akane: Oh, you've noticed. Oh, no, it's actually a problem that I have.

Ruth: Really?

Akane: Yeah, I do get sleepy.

Ruth: Well, it's just that whenever we come back from work, or we go to work, you always fall asleep on the bus.

Akane: I do. I'm so tired in the mornings.

Ruth: So, you're tired in the mornings (Mm-hm) so don't you sleep at night?

Akane: I do. I actually do go to bed quite early but I hate waking up really early
so I think it's the early mornings that really get to me.

Ruth: So do you think lots of people in your family do this, because you know,
you really do seem to sleep far more than anybody I've ever met.

Akane: Actually, yeah, my father does say that he falls asleep at work.

Ruth: No!

Akane: Yeah.And my mom falls asleep at work as well when there's not costumers.

Ruth: Oh, you're joking.

Akane: Yeah. Yeah. So it runs in the family.

Ruth: So have you ever done that? Have you ever fallen asleep at work?

Akane: Actually, well, I don't fall asleep when I'm teaching, cause its such a busy job (Yeah) but when I was working in an office, when I was doing medical research, it was such a boring job that I did used to fall asleep in front of the computer sometimes. It's really embarrassing.

Ruth: So have you ever had an embarrassing moment when you've fallen asleep?

Akane: Actually, yes. One time we went to watch the symphony orchestra
and it was beautiful music and I was enjoying myself but I just fell asleep in between.

Ruth: Oh, no, Akane.

Akane: Yeah.

Ruth: So how many hours sleep do you normally get Akane?

Akane: Well, I try to get at least nine. Of course that's not always possible,
so I'd say on average about eight and a half hours.

Ruth: Eight and a half.

Akane: Yeah.

Ruth: Well, I suppose if you add that to the five hours a day that you sleep that's quite a lot.

Akane: If you put it that way.