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Ruth: Akane, I hope you don't think I'm being rude but you look amazing. Have you lost weight?

Akane: Actually, I have.

Ruth: Wow. How did you do it?

Akane: Well, I've been really eating healthy and working out a bit as well.

Ruth: Wow. I read recently actually in the newspaper that there are lots of new gyms opening up.
Is that what you've been doing, going to the gym?

Akane: Ah, yeah actually. I joined a new gym. It wasn't that expensive either and it's been really good.

Ruth: So, how much was it?

Akane: It was about $30 a month. (Oh) Yeah.

Ruth: So when you so to the gym, what kind of thing do you do?

Akane: Um, well, my favorite thing to do is to run on the treadmill, and sometimes I also do weights.

Ruth: You do weights as well? (Mm-hm) Really heavy weights?

Akane: No just lighter ones.

Ruth: Oh, I see.

Akane: Yeah.

Ruth: So do you mind the fact when you're in the gym the air is really stuffy and you can always smell people's sweat? Does that not bother you?

Akane: It does actually bother me so I do prefer to go when it's not too crowded.

Ruth: Of course, yeah.

Akane: People tend to go after work so I try to go a little bit earlier, or a little bit later. That's a good plan.

Ruth: But you know, sometimes I still wonder if it's healthy to exercise inside because if you
exercise outside you can get more fresh air.

Akane: I think you're right about that. It does feel better when I do get exercise outside,
but sometimes I'm so busy and if the weather's not good, it's just easier to go the gym.

Ruth: Well, I suppose so.

Akane: Yeah, and a little exercise inside is better than no exercise.

Ruth: You're right actually.

Akane: So if I want to lose weight, what would you recommend?

Ruth: Basically, just exercise within you limits and eat healthy.

Akane: I think it's just common sense.

Ruth: Really. Do you think I'll lose weight.

Akane: For sure. I think so, but I don't know what you're talking about. You definitely don't need to lose weight.

Ruth: Well, that's kind of you Akane. OK, thanks.