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Todd: Al, you are a big movie fan?

Al: Yes, I am.

Todd: So as a big movie fan, what do you think about all the amazing technological special effects that they're doing now?

Al: I think it's going to lead to a point where we don't need actors anymore.

Todd: Seriously.

Al: Yeah.

Todd: I mean, how could they do that though?

Al: You'll be able to completely create a believable character. You can already create a believable character on a computer and give it life and emotion, and he won't be asking for 10 million pounds a movie. He'll be free to create and he'll do exactly what you say, and he'll come to the set on time. He won't need to come to the set will he. He won't turn up on the set drunk is what I mean. He'll be just completely at your mercy to do whatever you want with.

Todd: So, you're saying in the future, they'll just write a story and then just like animation, they'll just design the character and then have the movie with the background and everything.

Al: Yeah. Actors will only be important for reference. Directors will go on back and look at great performances and copy them, or copy nuance and performance for there computer generated character. You'll need the voice actors for awhile, and then computers will be able to create the human voice, recreate the human voice, too.

Todd: Are there any examples of movies, where this is actually happening now?

Al: You look at Yoda. In Star Wars Episode III, Yoda is completely believable.

Todd: And that's all computer graphics, it's not?

Al: It's all computer, I think he's a puppet, I think in this one he was completely computer animated. It was a puppet for some of Episode II.

Todd: Yeah. That's pretty impressive.

Al: Yeah, and scary. Human will be unnecessary soon.