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Todd: So Alan you must be happy. You have hockey again in Canada.

Alan: Yes, I was quite happy to read that the NHL’s come to an agreement with the players. And there’ll be hockey again starting in October.

Todd: Ok now as a fan of hockey or just a sports fan in general, do you think that the athletes are making too much money, that it’s ok for them to strike and ask for more money?

Alan: Yes I do think the athletes are making too much money. And I actually agree with the idea of having a salary cap, because I think it makes it more fair for all the teams in the league. Not just the big market teams that make a lot of money, but all the teams have a fair chance at the best players.

Todd: Ok, can you just explain exactly what is a salary cap?

Alan: Salary cap is the amount of money that a team is allowed to spend for their players. So, if you have a salary cap of 35 million dollars, the team is only allowed to spend that much total for all their players’ salaries.

Todd: Oh I see.

Alan: They cannot go over that.

Todd: What is the reason that you would have a salary cap? What’s the argument behind it?

Alan: So teams that have more money than other teams can’t just buy all the good players and leave the less talented players for the smaller market teams. So there’s more chance for the smaller market teams to compete with the large market teams for the good players.

Todd: So do you think that hockey now is doing well, and that you will not have a strike for a long time to come?

Alan: Yes I think after this one there won’t be another strike or lock-out for many years. Actually I think this deal is a 10-year deal. I think I read it’s a 10-year deal, so there won’t be one for at least 10 years, or longer hopefully.

Todd: Well I’m glad you have hockey again.

Alan: Thank you.