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Thailand is so different from where I used to live in
America. First of all, in my neighborhood there are
many stray dogs, dogs with no home. During the
day, they lay around and sleep and at night they
fight and make a lot of noise barking and howling.
Sometimes they're even dangerous, especially
people who ride by on their bikes, sometimes can
be bit by these dogs. In America, stray dogs, are
sent to the pound. The pound, the dog pound, is
like a jail for dogs.

Um, also, in front of my house, in front of every
house in my neighborhood, there's a fence, or a
gate with a lock on it. Um, I don't like it. I think
it's a hassle because I have to take out my key,
unlock the lock, then drive the car out, stop the
car, get out, close the gate and then put the lock
on again. In America, it's much more convenient.


Usually there's a garage or a closed car park and
when you drive up you have a remote control, and
it opens, the garage door opens automatically, and
in America usually we don't have fences or gates
around our front yard. Often there's a gate around
the backyard, but nothing in the front. Some of the
really expensive houses in Thailand too, around
there fence they have broken pieces of glass around
the top to keep people who want to climb in
from getting in.

In Thailand usually to buy food, you go to the outdoor
market. It's very different than the clean supermarkets
in America because they are lots of different smells
and lots of action. You can smell fish, meat, trash,
fruit, smoke from the barbeques, curry. Sometimes the
smells are not so good. People come there, cook fresh
food every day and they'll stay there till they sell all
their food. It's very cheap. You can eat for about 2 or 3
U.S. dollars. So it's not as clean and it doesn't smell as
nice as a big supermarket in America but I think it's a
lot more interesting. It makes the supermarkets in
America seem very boring.