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So, hey, Mark, what was it like working at a bank?
Well, I didn't, I worked for a bank, but I didn't
actually work in a bank. (Right) Um, what I did
was real estate loan processing. (OK) So, that
sounds like a difficult thing, ah, it was kind of
difficult but basically, when people want to borrow
money and they use their house as collateral.
In other words, they borrow money, and if they
don't pay back the money, the bank will take
their house.
Now, interesting, now, did you, were you actually
in charge of, or were you responsible for putting,
like stopping people from getting out a loan or
from like, did you have any authority, to uh?

Oh, I see, no actually, so my job was kind of
the middle man. So, for example, someone goes
to a bank, and applies for a loan, then that bank
sends me the information and I would basically
make the loan documents, I would make the
loan papers, and also do things, like I would

check how much that house was worth, things
like that, and after about a week of checking
insurance and how much the house is worth
making the loan papers, then I would send the
papers back to the bank and the customer would
come back in and sign the loan paper.
Now did you ever get any kind of really strange
requests or just, did you ever look at a loan
application and go, this person should not
be applying for a loan?

Well, if there was ever any question, um, we then
send the information to another person, who's called
an underwriter, (Right), and the underwriter has more
authority to choose whether that person can get a
loan or not.
Interesting. Wow. Fascinating. Thanks Mark.
You're welcome.