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April 1st is an unofficial holiday in the United
States called April Fool's day. In the past, April
1st used to be celebrated as the New Year. And
then in the year, I think, 1592, or something like
that, the official New Year was changed to
January 1st and some people never heard of this
change so they continued to celebrate the New
Year on the April 1st, but the people who knew
of this change called them fools. A fool in English
is someone who is not smart. We have many
words for this in English: dumb, a dummy, stupid,
imbecile, idiot, but you're all nice people so you'll
never need to use those words so you can forget
that. But the people who continued to celebrate
the New Year's on April 1st were called April
fools. So a tradition started, that on April 1st
people would try to make, would do pranks on
other people.

A prank is trying to get someone to believe
that something false is true, or playing some
kind of trick on them. One trick for example
would be to give someone a present and as they
unwrap the paper and open the box, and their
curious as to what is going to be inside, when
they pull open the box a boxing glove springs out
and punches them in the face. Another example
of a prank would be to attach a fishing line, a small,
a small piece of rope or line that is very hard to see.
It's almost invisible because it's made of a very thin
plastic, and to place this dollar bill attached to the
fishing line in a place where someone thinks they
have found the money. Then when they reach down
to try to pick up the money, the person with the
fishing line pulls it so they aren't able to pick it up.
It moves out of there way. When we catch someone,
in a prank like this, we laugh at them and say
April fool.