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Everyone talks about how kids these days use
technology much more than in the past, but when
I think back to my childhood, I remember how
technology was a huge part of my life. The first
thing is the cassette tape, especially when I was
in high school, every Friday night my favorite radio
station used to play complete records, and I would
stay up till about ten o'clock in the evening and have
my cassette recorder ready and I would record the
entire album, the entire record from the radio and
then I would be able to play it in my car.

I was born in 1971, so when I was a kid, people
weren't using the internet but I had a computer
in my house when I about 11 or 12 years old
and my dad taught me some basic programming
and I even created a program where I fooled one
of my friends into thinking that we had entered
into the computer record system at my school
and he was getting a bad grade in social studies
and I made it look like we had entered into the
social studies records file and I changed his grade
and he was very scared about this. He went home
and told his dad and finally called me back later
on that evening and said, "Hey, my dad said that
you need a modem to break into another