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When I was in elementary school, in the 1980's
teacher's used to use film projectors so they
would put the, they'd put the film reals on the
projector and it always took them a long time.
It seems like there were always technical
difficulties, just like people using powerpoint
presentations today. It always takes, it always
takes hours to set up, and it was always fun
for us when we were in school because we would
get a, get a break from studying, and we would
get to watch a movie, but they would usually
turn off all of the lights, and for us kids, having
the lights off meant, meant bedtime, so I can
remember, it was, even though it was exciting,
it was always very hard to keep my eyes open
and I would end up falling asleep before the end
of the movie.

Ever since we got our first VCR and remote
control my dad has been absolutely fascinated
with it. He can't stop fiddling with the controls.
He turns up the volume, he turns down the volume.
He changes the channel. He stops. He pauses.
He just can't stop playing with it. We feel he needs
to go to a remote control addiction recovery center
so he can, he can heal his problems that he has
with the remote control and try to have better habbits
with it. Keep his hands off of it.