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I can't remember what this toy was called but I had
this very interesting, basically it was, like a robot
car you could program in how forward you wanted
it to go and then, when it would stop and after it
would stopped, if it was going to make a right turn
or a left turn, and you could also make it go
backwards or in diagonal, and it was very fun.
You could set it up in your house or outside
and try to program in directions so that it would
follow a path, so you could try to make it go from
the living room and take a left into the kitchen
and stop just before it ran into your mom, and
back up before she kicked it and yelled at you,
or make it turn around in circles. I think it also
had some sounds you could make, but it's very
interesting to think back that, that kind of
technology existed, you know, in the late 80's,
early 1980's, too.

Of course, everybody's favorite when I was a kid
anyway, even today, are video games, not only
home video games but the arcade style games.
I was a, I was a good kid but I can remember of
the few times that I got in trouble with my dad
was because I ended up at a arcade, and I was
playing video games for so long and I didn't
call home and ended up coming home very
late and that was very upsetting to my parents
and they were worried about me. Also, it seemed
like the kids in school that were most popular
were the kids who had video games at their
houses. I didn't have a video game at my house
so I always had to find friends and go over to
their house to play.