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We have a lot of great ski areas in Colorado so I started skiing at a very early age. I think I was about 5 or 6 years old when I began and one time I went up the chair lift and on the first run down in the morning I was skiing on a pretty icy section and I got going pretty fast and suddenly I hit a much softer patch of snow and it threw me forward and I had a terrible crash and I couldn't move my leg so my dad asked someone to call the ski patrol and when the ski patrol came down they put me in a sled and the ski patrol skied in front of the sled and took me all the way down to the medical clinic. They have a small clinic with doctors right at the ski area. Although they don't have the equipment to, to fix my leg. They didn't have the equipment to fix my leg, but they did immobilize my leg, make it so I couldn't move it, so it would be protected while my dad drove me down to the city to take me to a bigger hospital. At the hospital they put my leg in a cast and then they gave me crutches, which I used for about two or three months, so I remember I was in first grade and all of the other students signed my cast, wrote their name on my cast, so it was actually kind of fun in the end.