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So, Mary, my battery has almost ran out. I'm so glad
you had some but they're cold.

Well, I keep them in my frigerator along with several other
sizes of batteries just so I have them on hand. It's a little
quirky habit of mine but I always like to have backup
whenever I need it so I've got into the habit of stock
piling batteries and keeping them in the fridge.
Well, it's very practical but why do you
keep them in the frigerator?

I read somewhere a long time ago that that's how you
extend the life of batteries by keeping them cool, that
and film too so I also have several canisters of film in
there, too, no room for the butter but.
Do you have any food in your frigerator?
Some but it's mostly batteries and film.
What kind of food do you keep in your frigerator?
Right now because it's winter time, I have some
oranges and actually some grapes and things so
those are kind of coveted at this time of year, otherwise
just the standard things. I have yogurt, milk, and some
bread and I think six brusselsprouts.
Just six.
Just six.
Why do you have brusselsprouts?
Just got in the habit of eating them. They're really very
good, so I thought well I'll keep on, just handfuls
so they don't spoil.
How so you prepare your brusselsprouts?
Um, I steam them for about 10 minutes or so and
eat them just perfectly plain, a little salt and a little
pepper, that's about it.
Really, I find them a little bitter.
I find them a little bitter too, but the longer you steam
them the bitterness kind of goes away and of course
there's ways you can dissipate the bitterness with a
little bit of butter or salt or seasonings too, so they're
not so bad.
Well, I'll have to try that.