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So, Mary, who are these guys here?
This one's Piper. She's seven. She just had a birthday
in October, and this one's Daisy, she's got kind of
an older face on her. I think she's probably about
nine years old.
Are these your children?
You know, they could be my children, but they’re actually
dogs. Golden Retrievers.
They're so pretty.
Yeah, they're a lot of my attention. They really have my
heart captured right now, so I do spend a lot of time,
you know, working on them and training them and taking
them out for walks during the day and as you can tell by
the big giant basket behind you they have a lot of toys so
they're kind of active. They like swinging stuff around
and playing outside. (Pipe. Hi, there!).
Ah, so how did you get them?
I actually raised a Golden Retriever puppy for about 8
years. When I lost her, I remember thinking to myself,
I'd love to have another golden retriever but puppies
are really hard work, and wouldn't it be great if I could
just find a dog that was already an adult, and I made
mention to it to someone at work one day and she let
me know of an organization, a rescue organization that
worked primarily with Golden Retrievers, so I contacted
the organization and they had several dogs available
for adoption and I went and met a few, and kind of
figured out their personalities and decided that there
was one there for me, and that was Tucker, my big,

big male who I had for a long time, so I ended up adopting him when he was a year and a half. He still had a lot of puppy in him, but he was already housebroken,
and you know, in pretty good shape for bringing
home so he was a lot of fun. That was my first
experience with the organization, and they are a
great organization. I really believe in a lot of the
work they do, because a couple of the dogs, Piper in
particular, happen to have been an abused animal
unfortunately in the first part of her life so this
organization spent a lot of time kind of evaluating
the right kind of environment for an animal, and the
right kind of animal for a family so the adoption
process, as they call it, it's really involved, It's almost
like adopting a child because they want to make
sure that you're home is, you know properly set up
for a dog this size and that your yard is fenced and
that you can handle a dog like this and have what it
takes to train him and get him to trust humans again
so it's been a really long process in some cases.
When I adopted daisy, almost two years ago,
that was not so hard. She was a very easy dog
to adopt. She just came in, made herself at home,
got along great with Piper right away and, you know,
she has never given me any concern or any reason
to worry about her temperament. She's been just such
an easy going dog.
Yeah, she seems like a sweetheart.
Both of them are.

Yeah, they're fun. They're fun.