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So, Mary, what’s in the basket there?
Oh, those are all the Christmas cards I received this year.
Oh, that’s a lot.
Yeah, it’s quite a few. I had kind of an extensive list for
people I would send cards to but in October my hard
drive crashed and I lost my Christmas card list, so I
had a hard time trying to figure out how to get cards
to everybody this year, so what I’ve been doing is
when I receive a card I’m cutting out everyone’s return
address and actually taping it to the back of their card
so that way I’ll have an ability to rebuild that list at some

Wow, that sounds like a big project.
You know it’s really so bad cause I enjoy taking a look
at the cards anyhow so it’s something do while I’m
looking at the cards.
So when do you usually send your
Christmas cards out?

Well, I try to send them out in the middle of December
but this year they left my house on the 21st, so it was
sort of way to close to the end.
Right. Right. Um, what about next year? Will you
try to get them out in the middle of December?

Um, I’m definitely going to try cause now that I have
everyone’s address I’ll be able to rebuild that list
hopefully before December.
Well, sounds like a good plan. Good luck.