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Wow, Mary, that's a great dining room table.
Where did you get it?

Oh, thanks. That is something, a project that Dave
and I worked on over a couple of weekends. We really
enjoy doing woodworking and he actually has a very
elaborate woodshop at his house and it's something
I really enjoy working on too, so we thought of a project,
which was the table and kind of designed what it would
look like and bought some lumber and used his tools to
figure out exactly how to put it all together and the
process was a lot of fun, um, making the plan and
actually using four or five different kinds of tools to
assemble it and get it all put together. I have to say
that I wasn't quite sure what it was going to end up
looking like cause in the rough form it wasn't impressing
me too much but once everything was sanded and
stained and done it really impressed me so it's a
lot of fun to do.

So you made the table from scratch?
Yep, Yep we did. Just bought some lumber, certain sizes
of lumber and ended up cutting it to the different kind of
things we needed so it was like making a pattern and then
using all these raw materials to put together to create
the final product.
Wow, that's really impressive cause it's a nice table.
I really like it. It was a lot of fun to do.
Um, any other projects you've done that you
have in the house?

Um, well, not quite like the table, but just some general
finishing things, for instance if something is broken, like
I'm not sure if you noticed, but my front door has no doorknob at the moment so (Oh, right) so I do have a
doorknob and I will be fixing that at some point, so
That falls, I'm sorry, does that fall into the
category of woodworking?

It can cause it's gonna involve some tools.
I see. Very cool. Thanks.