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Yeah, I think I'm gonna talk about what I would consider a perfect day. Ah, of course, that day wouldn't be a working day. It would be a day off and it would have some of my favorite things in life which would be like eating, relaxing, and playing sports. So you know, the day would start off with me sleeping in till about 9 or 10 o'clock. You know, get up, make myself a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, or something like that, maybe grapefruit juice. Pick up the daily paper and read it for awhile. After that's done, you know, I'd probably get ready and just drop in to a friend's place, you know, drop by, unannounced. No planned meeting or anything like that. You know, hang out at my friend's place, you know, chat, talk about, you know, probably talk about where to have lunch, you know, since I love eating, I'd have to go out for lunch, you know, probably somewhere where there is a patio or a nice place to eat outside or do some serious people watching. You know after lunch and everything is done on that front, I think I'd have to do something athletic like play sports. You know again in a relaxed way so probably just a kick around with a soccer ball of friends or playing tennis, or even, I know you like baseball, so I'd probably wouldn't mind playing baseball, or you know, playing catch, or something like that for a few hours. Then of course, at night, in the evening, it would have to be like a cool dinner or a dinner date, you know, go out where there is some really nice food, you know, Italian, French, Japanese, something like that, like really nice, cool, you know, maybe have a nice, nice date with that too, a good conversationalist, a beautiful girl, yeah, it doesn't matter, but that's how probably it would end.