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Yeah, I want to talk about one of my pet peeves. You know a pet peeve is something that you as a person don't like. You personally don't like a habit or a mannerism or something that other people do, um, for example a pet peeve could be people who don't like wrinkled shirts or they don't like it when people chew gum in public, or like the noise that some people make, or habits, mannerisms, for example my grandmother, my grandmother's pet peeve was, you know, messy clothes or people who wore messy clothes. She didn't like that, you know, if someone had a whole in their sock, she would sew it up immediately. She just hated it. It was her pet peeve, you know, if you didn't wear nice, crisp, clean clothes, you know, you know some people's pet peeve is, you know, when other people talk on the cell phone, ah, things like that. Yeah, my pet peeve is a little more complicated. It's a little more unique I think then other people's pet peeves, but it's when Canadians wear, or embroider, canadian flags on their backpack. That's just something that's annoying or irritating for me. It's my pet peeve. I'm Canadian so it's not like I don't like Canada or I don't like Canadians because I am Canadian and I do love my country, but it's just so cheesy when I see so many travelers, usually the backpacking kind that put Canadian paraphernalia, especially Canadian embroidered flags on their suitcases or backpack. I don't know why it bothers me. I guess I think it's not cool, or I can't see the reason why to do that. I mean, people tell me it's to show that they're not American, but, who cares? You should be able to just tell them, "Hey, I'm from, you know, I'm from Canada, I'm from Vancouver, I'm from Toronto, I'm from Saskatchewan, where ever." Yeah, it's something I can consider as a personal pet peeve. Don't do it Canadians.