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Todd: So, Eucharia, you are into drama?

Eucharia: Yes, I have a Masters in drama and theatre and at the moment I am hoping to get onto a PHD programme in drama and theatre.

Todd: So what’s the thing about drama? What excites you about drama?

Eucharia: Well I find it’s a very communicative way to study things and study about people and
you learn how to read people in drama, so usually I can understand what people are saying even though they might be lying, which comes in handy sometimes.

Todd: That would be useful!

Eucharia: Yeah, so erm, I think it’s very useful for me as well. I am an English lecturer so I use a lot of drama in my classes such as role plays. And I ask my students to create little plays, little mini dramas so they really respond well because it’s a semi-controlled version of English learning in so far as they can rehearse but it has to sound reasonably natural. So, at the moment I’m hoping to get on to a PHD course which will investigate about drama in the English… in English as a foreign language classroom, so especially I would like to concentrate on a lot of…I would like to concentrate a lot on Asian drama and try to bring Asian theatre to the world’s attention. I don’t know how successful I will be but here’s hoping!

Todd: Oh, I’m sure you will be successful! Now, Eucharia, you are into drama. Can you tell…what do you do for stage fright?

Eucharia: Ah, stage fright! Well, usually I get stage fright still, it’s just… many actors get stage fright, many famous actors get stage fright. I get stage fright every time I’m going to teach a new class. The night before I’m usually throwing up my dinner in the toilet, I can’t sleep…

Todd: What, for teaching?

Eucharia: …I’m sweating, yes!

Todd: No?

Eucharia: Yes! I get really bad stage fright but the minute I step into the classroom or the minute I get onto the stage it just all falls into place. I just feel like ‘Yeah this is what I’m made to do’ but the night before it is always the worst case scenario so I am always thinking of what can go wrong. So that’s my particular brand of stage fright but once I get on stage or once I get in front of the class I will be fine. I know this.

Todd: Wow, that’s cool