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Todd: Erm, ok, Eucharia, we’re going to play a game: ‘Choices’. I will say 3 things, you tell me which would you choose. Ok, the first one: coffee, tea or water in the morning?

Eucharia: Water.

Todd: Water!

Eucharia: Yeah, when I wake up I usually have 2 glasses of water and then at the moment I’m trying not to drink coffee and not to drink caffeine so at the moment it’s water but if I were given a choice normally it would be coffee.

Todd: Ok how about at night time. You’re at a party, which would you rather have: beer, wine or a cocktail?

Eucharia: It depends on the party. If I’m going dancing, cocktail. If I’m going out eating, wine and if it’s just friends getting together, beer.

Todd: You’re on an aeroplane and you’re flying across the ocean. What would you prefer to read: newspaper, a magazine or a book?

Eucharia: A book, definitely.

Todd: A book, why a book? That was a very strong answer!

Eucharia: I love reading. I have to read every night before I go to sleep for maybe 30 minutes so I really enjoy reading and I find that I emotionally engage with the book and what’s happening in the book and I forget the fact that I’m on a 12 hour inter-continent flight.

Todd: Ok you have to choose between 3 seasons: summer, fall or winter.

Eucharia: Summer.

Todd: Summer?

Eucharia: I love sunshine, I love heat, I can’t stand rain, which is why I don’t live in my home country and I don’t like snow.

Todd: Ok I’m with you on that. Ok next one. To pass the time at night you can watch TV, you can check the internet or you can watch a movie, a dvd. What would you prefer?

Eucharia: Probably watching a dvd because, yeah if I’m on the internet I’m on the internet at work and so I don’t want to go on the internet late at night because I start thinking too much and I can’t sleep.

Todd: Ok last one. You’re at the beach. Would you prefer to: play a sport on the beach, on the sand; go in the water and swim or surf; or lie on the beach and get a tan?

Eucharia: Lie on the beach and get a tan! Yep, I’m from a country we don’t see a lot of sunshine
so I still get very excited when I see sunshine. Maybe I’ll go to the beach and maybe I’ll go to the water and swim a bit but my favourite thing is to lie on the beach and get a tan.

Todd: Thanks Eucharia.

Eucharia: You’re welcome.